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CoinEx Beginner’s Guide: How to Make Spot Trading on CoinEx?

2021-07-19 07:52:29

CoinEx spot trading refers to the direct exchange of one encrypted asset for another. For example, when we use USDT to price CET, a CET/USDT trading pair comes into being. Transactions will be matched based on the priority of price and time to directly realize the exchange between digital currencies.

CoinEx users can pay the equivalent amount of CET as part of the transaction fees in trading, and enjoy exclusive fee discounts; at the same time, users holding a certain amount of CET can become a VIP of CoinEx. 

So how to make spot trading in CoinEx? Here is a beginner’s guide. 

I. Description for spot trading page

As shown in the illustration:

  1. Search bar and market area
  2. Token and basic market information
  3. Candlestick and depth chart
  4. Market selection area
  5. Market handicap depth
  6. Latest transactions
  7. Current orders
  8. Orders history

 II. How to make spot trading in CoinEx

1. Visit the CoinEx website and log in to your account. Click [Exchange] on the top navigation bar to enter the spot trading area.

2. Here we take buying/placing CET/USDT limit order as an example

Search CET in the search bar and choose [CET/USDT]. Click [Spot Trading], and choose [Limit] type and [Always Valid] (defaulted status). Set [Price] and [Amount]. Confirm the information and click [Buy CET];

(Your order will be executed only when the market price reaches the buying price you set.) 

3. Take selling/placing CET/USDT limit order as an example

Choose [Spot Trading] market, [Limit] type and [Always Valid] (defaulted status). Set [Price] and [Amount]. Confirm the information and click [Sell CET];

III. Use CET as Transaction Fees

To use CET as transaction fees, click [Account] and select [Preferences Settings] in the drop-down menu. 

Slide the button on the right to enable [Use CET as Fees]. Now CET will be applied to pay transaction fees for spot trading. 

If you want to be the top crypto investor, start from spot trading. Get cryptos ready, and just do it!

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