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LayerZero(ZRO): Pioneering Omnichain Interoperability
CoinEx Academy
LayerZero (ZRO) is an omnichannel interoperability protocol designed to facilitate lightweight message passing across various blockchains.
2024-06-20 12:24:38
TrumpCoin(DJT)'s Volatile Price: Who's the Man Behind?
CoinEx Academy
Since the start of this year, the crypto market has witnessed the launch of a handful of memecoins circling Donald Trump and his campaign for the 2024 elections. Recently, we have seen the prices of TREMP and MAGA go off the roof, and now there's another coin joining the league named TrumpCoin (DJT).
2024-06-20 10:06:32
Top 10 Layer-1 Crypto Projects And How to Buy Their Tokens?
CoinEx Academy
Learn about the top 10 Layer-1 crypto projects, what makes them stand out, their innovative features, tokenomics, and a simple guide on buying their tokens on CoinEx.
2024-06-20 07:45:39
Revolutionizing Crypto Payments: How Hacash (HAC) is Overcoming Bitcoin’s Scalability Issues
CoinEx Academy
Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, one of the drawbacks has been scalability, which makes it unsuitable for it to be used as a widespread medium for daily payments, and it can only serve as a store of value. To solve this problem, a group of individuals launched a multi-layer solution called Hacash, abbreviated as HAC, to solve this problem.
2024-06-20 02:28:36
Everything You Need to Know about the New Mining Coin, WQUIL
CoinEx Academy
Since the inception of the crypto market, mining has been the driving force for almost everything that lies in it. Mining incentivizes users to mine a particular cryptocurrency, say Bitcoin, or, in other words, validate transactions that happen on the blockchain 24/7.
2024-06-20 02:19:21
Bitcoin Price Forecast: Would $74k Be Possible Before July?
CoinEx Academy
The price of Bitcoin has been oscillating between $65,000 and $70,000 in recent months, with a recent resistance level around $71,700 that it has been unable to break through. However, various signals indicate strong market confidence in the medium-to-long-term prospects of Bitcoin, suggesting that the current phase is merely a consolidation period.
2024-06-19 10:08:48
CoinEx Charity Supports Blockchain Education in the Philippines at the Blockchain Campus Conference
Company Update
CoinEx Charity recently sponsored and participated in the Blockchain Campus Conference in the Philippines, engaging in enlightening discussions with local students and demonstrating its commitment to philanthropy. The conference, held in the capital city of Abuja, attracted more than 1,000 scholars, students, principals, blockchain enthusiasts, and individuals curious about blockchain technology.
2024-06-19 07:29:58
Memechan ($CHAN): Meme Coin on the Solana blockchain
CoinEx Academy
memechan is a meme coin built on the Solana blockchain and has the token $CHAN. It is designed to leverage the fast and scalable network to offer a unique and engaging experience for its users. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that focus solely on utility and function, memechan embraces the cultural and social aspects of the crypto community. It aims to create a vibrant ecosystem where memes, humor, and community interaction play a central role.
2024-06-19 07:09:25
What Are Real World Assets (RWA) in Crypto & Top 5 RWA Tokens to Watch in 2024
CoinEx Academy
Discover the top 5 Real World Assets crypto tokens to watch in 2024 and learn how they revolutionize the world.
2024-06-19 02:08:16
Eyeing on the Next AI Opportunities
CoinEx Academy
AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become one of the largest markets in recent times. According to the IDC market, investments in AI technologies and systems are forecasted to reach $300 billion in 2024. With tech giants like Apple and Google adapting AI to their devices, the narrative of AI continues, causing us to keep an eye on those crypto AI projects.
2024-06-18 08:53:23
Andrew Tate’s DADDY Token Skyrockets 200% in One Day, Surpassing MOTHER Token’s Market Cap
CoinEx Academy
A new token has been launched to rival the MOTHER token, which has garnered attention from all crypto investors in the past few weeks. This new token surpassed the MOTHER token just a few days after its launch by reaching a market capitalization of $300 million and increasing by 200% in just one day.
2024-06-17 08:23:43
ZKsync Tokens: Ethereum Layer-2 Scaling Solution Airdrop
CoinEx Academy
The Ethereum Zero-Knowledge (ZK) project had its airdrop set for June 17, 2024. The fundamentals of this network have attracted a lot of attention from the whole crypto world and Ethereum enthusiasts.
2024-06-17 08:17:05
How IO.NET Is Revolutionizing AI with Decentralized Computing Power and Cutting Costs by 90%
CoinEx Academy
Everyone continues to be captivated by the launch of Open AI ChatGPT in November 2022. Since the launch of ChatGPT, its power, potential, and use cases have benefited many individuals and industries.
2024-06-14 07:51:34
Paris 2024: Join the Olympics Fervor with These Move-to-earn Games
CoinEx Academy
The Paris Olympics are approaching this summer, from July 26, 2024, to August 11, 2024. This event is set to reignite a wave of sports enthusiasm. The crypto world is aligning with the Olympic fervor, and it's a perfect time to delve into some of these move-to-earn projects to see if they can capitalize on this momentum. So, get your notebook ready and note down some of the highlights.
2024-06-14 06:06:04
Supporting P2P and B2C Fiat Trading Modes, CoinEx Provides Global Users with Diverse and Convenient On/Off-Ramp Service Choices
Product Tutorials
With the rapid development of the crypto market, the demand for diverse and efficient fiat trading modes among users has been increasing. As a leading global cryptocurrency trading platform, CoinEx is dedicated to providing users with convenient and diverse fiat on/off-ramp trading choices and services. Currently, CoinEx primarily supports P2P and B2C fiat trading modes to meet the different on/off-ramp needs of users while striving to enhance the overall trading experience.
2024-06-14 03:52:19
Top 10 TON Ecosystem Projects And How to Buy Those Tokens
CoinEx Academy
Discover everything on the top 10 TON ecosystem projects, their innovative features, tokenomics, and a simple guide on how to buy these tokens on CoinEx.
2024-06-14 03:51:18
RAIL Cryptocurrency: The Vitalik Endorsed Privacy Protocol
CoinEx Academy
Railgun is known for being the most secure DeFi solution to ever exist on the market. In fact, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, has so far used a small portion of his ETH to interact with Railgun almost every month since its launch. When asked, Vitalik replied that Railgun uses a privacy protocol that prevents malicious actors from joining and protects user privacy. Railgun is known for being the most secure DeFi solution to ever exist on the market. In fact, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, has so far used a small portion of his ETH to interact with Railgun almost every month since its launch. When asked, Vitalik replied that Railgun uses a privacy protocol that prevents malicious actors from joining and protects user privacy.
2024-06-13 09:33:18
How Shiba Inu Would Benefit from the Shibarium Bridge Upgrade
CoinEx Academy
For Shiba Inu enthusiasts, here's what you need to know about the latest bridge upgrade! The Shibarium Bridge Upgrade, which occurred in late May 2024, has significantly reduced the transfer times between Shibarium and Ethereum from 7 days to just 45 minutes. This has generated considerable excitement in the Shiba ecosystem.
2024-06-13 09:21:03
What Is XAI and How to Buy XAI Tokens?
CoinEx Academy
Discover XAI token's potential in gaming and beyond. From decentralized finance to supply chain management, XAI leads innovation. Trade easily on CoinEx.
2024-06-13 06:28:05
What Is Heroes of Mavia and How to Buy MAVIA Tokens?
CoinEx Academy
Learn all about Heroes of Mavia, a unique blockchain mobile strategy game. Discover its gameplay, tokenomics, and how to trade MAVIA tokens on CoinEx.
2024-06-13 06:20:58
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